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  1. I. The name of the company is FOCUS BT COMPANY LIMITED
    II. The registered office of the company shall be situated in Bangladesh
    III. The objects for which the company is established are all or any of the following (all
    objects will be implemented after obtaining necessary permission from the
    Government/concerned authority/competent authority before commencement of the
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To carry on the business of General Trading, Export and Import of all Commercially permissible items and acting as Dealer, Indentor, General Supplier, Buying and selling Agent. To carry out any business in Bangladesh and outside Bangladesh within the legal frame work of the laws and rules of land. To participate in Local, National and international tender. To set up General Marketing division and ecommerce site, online shopping, online buying and online selling of all kinds of products and commodities available and permissible by law in Bangladesh.

To carry on the business of real estate, housing and apartment and to do and carry on the business of buyer, seller of lands, flats, apartment, buildings rooms, huts and to undertake construction of Super market, Shopping centre, shopping complex, community centres. And to arrange for sale or let out of those to general public or to hold it for their management.

To carry on the business Electrical Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers and
Marketing, Assemblers of Electronic & Electrical goods, cables and every kind of
electric wires, mobile phone Accessories, Mobile phone set, hand set, Ballast, air
conditioner, water coolers, lamps, electric meter, electric Iron, Ceiling fans,
exhaust fans, table fans, box fans, Ceiling moving fans, led bulbs, tube-light,
holder, plug, main switch, cable, house hold appliances of all kinds and all other
electrical & electronic goods both heavy and light as may be deemed benefit for
the business of the Company including all soft electrical, electronic and other
scientific goods materials.

To carry on the business of electronic appliances and electrical goods including
assembling, manufacturing and marketing of Computer, mobile phone set, hand set,
sorts of spare parts and all electrical goods thereof as the Company may think fit
from time to time.To manufacture of Electricity, Electric Fans, Electric Motors,
Pumps, transformers, Switchgears, Electric lamps and their fittings and other
Electric Equipment¿s and Accessories and Supply works, Institution, Maintenance
of govt., Semi govt., autonomous bodies and all other public and private

To carry on the business of Transport Services such as Buses, Mini Buses, DoubleDecker Buses, Rent-A-Car, Taxi Cabs Service, AC Bus Service, Inter-District Truck Service, Ambulance Service, Hospital service throughout all over in Bangladesh. To carry on the business of buying and selling of all kinds of local registered vehicles and all kinds of legal business of vehicles such as Car, Bus, Micro-bus, Truck, Pickup, Motorcycle, Jeep, Taxi, Baby-taxi, Lorry, Van, Tractors and all other Vehicles of similar nature.

To carry on the business of all types foods, food products & Beverage. To set up of all types of Fruits, vegetable & Sugar Cane processing plant. To carry on business of all types of sauce, ketchup, puree, jam, jelly, Tomato ketchup, Tomato paste. To carry on the business of export, import, supply, trading, stockiest, buy, sale, dealer of all types of consumer items such as rice, wheat, flower, milk, milk powder, egg, dall, soybean oil, vegetable oil, rice grain oil, mustered oil, khorma khejur, cchola, sugar, suji, ghee, butter, biscuit, onion, garlic, chili, ginger, turmeric, spicy, masala and any types and kinds of consumer items.

To manufacture, repackage, import, export, stock, supply and distribute of soap, shampoo, detergent, hand washing liquid, antiseptic, toilet paper, handkerchiefs, wet tissue, facial tissue, sanitary napkin, sanitary towels, pampers, diaper, tampons, serviettes and tooth brushes, tooth paste. To set up industry & carry on the business of pen, one time cup, plate, packet, bottle. To carry on the business of mobile accessories and computer accessories.

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